Order Statuses or Processing

Order Statuses or Processing


The orders will be changed to various statuses such as:

On HoldInsufficient credits, click on the live button to know the required amount to be added in the wallet to make the order Live. Live orders only printed and dispatched.
Live OOS(Out of Stock)The Product is not in the warehouse. To check in-stock date: products -> No Stock Report.
LiveThe Live status confirms the product is in stock.
To be PrintedThe Product ready for printing.
PrintedOrdered Product gets Printed and ready for Dispatch.
PackedOrders dispatched from our side.
DeliveredThe order gets Delivered to the Customer.
CancelledThe Cancelled Order (Orders can be cancelled only in Live oos and Live).
ReturnedThe Order is Returned (Orders -> Return Management), you can reship it to a new address.
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