Re-Shipping The Returned Orders - Manage Return To Origin Efficiently

How to re-ship the returned orders?

Customer returned products can be used for your store's upcoming orders. It will ease the order processing and ship it instantly to the customer.

How does it help?

  1. Eventually, some of your orders will get returned from the customer for unavoidable reasons.
  2. If you receive the same order again, you can ship that returned order rather than process a new one.
  3. It will eliminate the time and cost incurred by producing a whole new item.

How to Re-Ship?

  1. Log in to your Merchant Dashboard. Go to the Returns Tab.
  2. There you can have a list of returned orders.
  3.  Select "No" in Reshipped section and Click on the order you need to ship as given in the reference image.creating a returned order by selecting one from the list of retuned orders page
  4. Click "Create Order". A Pop-Up box will be shown as given below. Enter the order details and click "Save Order"saving the return order from the return order page in qikink dashboard
  5. You can also check the product details in the "Product" tab near "Order Details".
  6. Once the order is moved to "Printed", our team will pick that product from your inventory and ship it to your customers.

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