Returns Management - Handling & Practices on Replacements in Print on Demand

Managing returns and replacements

In this article, we will see what happens when the courier company returns the order and when the customer wants to return the order. 

Courier Returns 

If the courier company is unable to deliver the order and the shipping status is undelivered or RTO (Return to Origin) due to any reason, it will be returned to our default address 42A, Ambrose Nagar, Somanur Road, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641659. It will be added to your returns management system in the dashboard.
We will email you once the order is returned and added to your Dashboard > Returns Management System

Using a custom return address for return is not possible since the courier companies do not have such an option.

Here are a few reasons why your orders can be undelivered or RTO’ed :

  1. Pincode not serviceable

  2. COD amount is not ready

  3. Customer not contactable

  4. Incomplete address

  5. Customer refused delivery

  6. Poor weather conditions

  7. Self-pickup requested by the customer 

  8. Future delivery requested by the customer 

  9. Door/premises/office closed

All returned orders will be stored in our warehouse for 100 days from the date of the order being marked as returned. You can re-ship the order to any other address or your address within 100 days after which it would be removed for re-shipping.

If the pin code becomes unserviceable after the order is placed, Qikink shall not be responsible for the RTO and as a result, no refunds will be processed from our end. 

How to Re-ship the order

Step 1: Log in to your Merchant Dashboard > Returns
Step 2: Select the products that you wish to re-ship
Step 3: Click on Create Order button
Step 4: Enter the reference number, select the payment mode preferred by the customer, enter the pin codeand select courier.  
Step 5: Enter the customer name, mobile number, email ID, address details, and the retail price of the product. 
Step 6: Select Save Order to place your order. 

You can check your order details in the Orders > All Orders section. 

Customer Returns  

Even after several quality checks, it is possible that the customer receives a damaged product due to manual or mishandled by couriers.  

 Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 10 days of delivery. For replacements and refunds, send us unboxing videos and pictures of the product showing the defects along with the original packaging images. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted within 7 days after the delivery. Post which, you will bear re-printing charges.  
If your customer would like to exchange or return a product due to a wrong size being ordered or without any defects would be handled at your expense by placing a new order.

If you do not have an unboxing video of the order and we fail to verify the cause, Qikink will not be liable for refunds/replacement of such products. 

Color Matching in DTG Printing:  We use CMYK  ink colors to blend and create unique colors. Although we strive to use the most recent, high-quality color profiles for our printers and inks, color matching is suited for spot color printing and not process printing. Hence, there might be a difference between what you see on your screen and the actual product. If color matching is a concern, please ensure that you order test swatches to determine the proper RGB or CMYK color equivalent before placing your main order with us. 

1.  If there were any size discrepancies, the images of the product along with the size measurement should be provided to check with our production team.

2.  Kindly ask your customer to unbox the package carefully. If the package was damaged while opening it with the scissor or any other sharp object, a refund or replacement will not be possible unless we have the unpacking video or the images of the courier cover.

3.  If you have noticed any damage to the package while receiving it from the courier, kindly mention the damage in the remark while signing. This will help us in claiming the refund from the courier service.
Learn more about how to set up your pricing strategies for your product to reduce losses and increase customer experience from our eCommerce shipping blog. 

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