Selling Other POD Vendor's Products in Your Store

Can I sell products on my store that are not fulfilled by Qikink?

 Yes, you can also sell products that are not fulfilled by Qikink. However our shipping policies do not change. Therefore, you should carefully read all the information that is relevant to your e-commerce platform.

We will only process products that are synced with Qikink’s library.
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    • How can I place my store orders with Qikink?

      The process of placing store orders can be automated with the API Integration system. After integration, your customer's orders will be reflected in our dashboard automatically. You can change the settings to process the orders without your ...
    • Does QikInk’s name appear on the product or packaging?

      Qikink offers complete white labeled drop shipping services. The products does not have any branding (unless you opt for Custom Branding Services) neither does the packaging have Qikink's name on it. The shipping label will consist of your brand name ...
    • Do all products in orders always ship together?

      Yes, We always ship all the products associated with the order id. If you place an order with 3 T-Shirts and 2 Phone cases, it's all shipped together as a package to your customer. As a Green Initiative, We will not add an invoice with your package ...
    • How to Check Product Pricing?

      Log in to your Merchant Dashboard and Go to Products > Qikink Products List You can check all the products with their price for the respective sizes, shipping weight, and product dimensions on the dashboard itself. You can also search for the ...
    • Who can use Qikink services?

      Qikink offers drop shipping services to anyone who wants to sell. You can use the services as an individual or as a registered company. GST is not mandatory but we recommend you register your company so you can claim the taxes paid.