Who Can Benefit from Using Qikink Print on Demand Services?

Who can use Qikink services?

Qikink offers drop shipping services to anyone who wants to sell. You can use the services as an individual or as a registered company. 

GST is not mandatory but we recommend you register your company so you can claim the taxes paid. 

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    • Does QikInk’s name appear on the product or packaging?

      Qikink offers complete white labeled drop shipping services. The products does not have any branding (unless you opt for Custom Branding Services) neither does the packaging have Qikink's name on it. The shipping label will consist of your brand name ...
    • How to close my account with Qikink?

      I understand that you've not been able to make profits using our services and a lot more reasons, but I'm extremely sorry as we will not be able to refund the entire amount back to your bank account as it is already given to you as credits. However, ...
    • Does Qikink provide integration for Amazon and Flipkart marketplaces?

      As of now, Amazon does not have integrations with Dropshipping companies. Anyhow, we can process your marketplace orders promptly to grow your business. If you have any doubts about it, please reach out to us at care@qikink.com
    • How can I place my store orders with Qikink?

      The process of placing store orders can be automated with the API Integration system. After integration, your customer's orders will be reflected in our dashboard automatically. You can change the settings to process the orders without your ...
    • Update or Change Qikink Dashboard Password

      In any case, at any time, if you wish to change or update your password for your Qikink Dashboard, follow the below steps. Step 1 : Login to your Qikink Dashboard Step 2 : Go to Settings Step 3 : Click on Reset Password Step 4 : Enter the Current ...