Syncing and Placing Store Orders with Qikink Print on Demand Fulfilment

How can I place my store orders with Qikink?

The process of placing store orders can be automated with the API Integration system.

After integration, your customer's orders will be reflected in our dashboard automatically. You can change the settings to process the orders without your verification or after your verification.

As of now, Qikink has API Integration for the following store options, the same will be extended to more soon.
1. Shopify
2. WooCommerce

Also, you can use our Open API system to integrate any store.

Qikink also provides a bulk upload option for marketplace or store orders. Wherein you can download a sample Excel, fill in the order data and upload it into the Qikink dashboard.

The following guides will explain more about our store integration options.

Click for Shopify Integration

Click for Woocommerce Integration 

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