Qikink Print on Demand and Dropshipping Pricing 2023

Pricing 2023

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Products and Pricing as below:
Qikink Products & Pricing
Sl NoCategoryProductSizeProduct PriceGST %Printing Charges per side*URL
1Men's ClothingT-Shirt ClassicS to XL1605100
2Men's ClothingT-Shirt ClassicXXL1805100
3Men's ClothingT-Shirt Classic3XL2005100
4Men's ClothingT-Shirt Classic4XL2205100
5Men's ClothingT-Shirt Classic5XL2405100
6Men's ClothingT-Shirt Classic6XL2605100
7Men's ClothingT-Shirt Classic7XL2805100
8Unisex ClothingHoodiesS to XL4605100
9Unisex ClothingHoodiesXXL4805100
10Unisex ClothingHoodies3XL5005100
11Unisex ClothingSweatshirtS to XL3605100
12Unisex ClothingSweatshirtXXL3805100
13Unisex ClothingSweatshirt3XL4005100
14Men's ClothingPoloS to XL2705100
15Men's ClothingPoloXXL2905100
16Men's ClothingPolo3XL3105100
17Women ClothingWomen's T-ShirtXS to XL1505100
18Women ClothingWomen's T-ShirtXXL1705100
19Women ClothingWomen's Crop TopXS to XL1305100
20Women ClothingWomen's Crop TopXXL1405100
21Men's ClothingFull Sleeve T-ShirtS to XL2005100
22Men's ClothingFull Sleeve T-ShirtXXL2205100
23Men's ClothingFull Sleeve T-Shirt3XL2405100
24Women's ClothingWomen's 3/4th Sleeve T-ShirtS to XL1605100
25Men's ClothingV-Neck T-ShirtS to XL1705100
26Men's ClothingV-Neck T-ShirtXXL1905100
27Men's ClothingV-Neck T-Shirt3XL2105100
28Women's ClothingWomen's Crop HoodiesS to XL3205100
29Women's ClothingWomen's Crop HoodiesXXL3405100
30Unisex ClothingOversized T-Shirt ClassicS to XL2405100
31Unisex ClothingOversized T-Shirt ClassicXXL2605100
32Men's ClothingRaglan T-ShirtS to XL2405100
33Women's ClothingRaglan T-ShirtS to XL1705100
34Men's ClothingLongline T-ShirtS to XL2005100
35Men's ClothingLongline T-ShirtXXL2205100
36Women's ClothingWomen's T-Shirt DressS to XL2205100
37Women's ClothingWomen's Tank TopS to XL1205100
38Women's ClothingWomen's Maternity T-ShirtS to XL2105100
39Unisex ClothingJoggersS to XL4005100
40Unisex ClothingJoggersXXL4205100
41Men's ClothingSleeveless T-ShirtS to XL1405100
42Kid's ClothingBoys T-Shirt0M, 12M, 24M, 36M1305100
43Kid's ClothingBoys T-Shirt5Y, 7Y, 9Y, 11Y, 13Y1505100
44Kid's ClothingGirls T-Shirt0M, 12M, 24M, 36M1005100
45Kid's ClothingGirls T-Shirt5Y, 7Y, 9Y, 11Y, 13Y1405100
46Kid's ClothingKids Hoodies0M, 12M, 24M, 36M2505100
47Kid's ClothingKids Hoodies5Y, 7Y, 9Y, 11Y, 13Y3005100
48Kid's ClothingRompers0-6M, 6-12M1205100
49Kid's ClothingRomper BodySuit0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M1605100
50Men's ClothingAll-Over Print T-ShirtXS to XL4005Included
51Men's ClothingAll-Over Print T-ShirtXXL4205Included
52Men's ClothingAll-Over Print VestS to XL3505Included
53Men's ClothingAll-Over Print VestXXL3705Included
54Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's T-ShirtXS to XL4005Included
55Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's T-ShirtXXL4205Included
56Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Tank TopXS to XL3505Included
57Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Tank TopXXL3705Included
58Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Tank Top3XL3905Included
59Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Tank Top4XL4105Included
60Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Crop TopXS to XL3505Included
61Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Crop TopXXL3705Included
62Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Crop TankXS to XXL3505Included
63Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Sports BraXS to XL4005Included
64Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Sports BraXXL4205Included
65Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's LeggingsXS to XL5505Included
66Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's LeggingsXXL5705Included
67Women's ClothingAll-Over Print High Waist LeggingsXS to XL5505Included
68Women's ClothingAll-Over Print High Waist LeggingsXXL5705Included
69Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Capri LeggingsXS to XL5505Included
70Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Capri LeggingsXXL5705Included
71Women's ClothingAll-Over Print High Waist Capri LeggingsXS to XL5505Included
72Women's ClothingAll-Over Print High Waist Capri LeggingsXXL5705Included
73AccessoriesAll-Over Print Non Zipper Tote Bag15 x 15 In30012Included
74Unisex ClothingAll-Over Print Full Sleeve T-ShirtS to XL5005Included
75AccessoriesPhone CaseStandard10018Included
76AccessoriesPop GripCircle8018Included
81AccessoriesAll-Over Print Face MaskS to L1005Included
82AccessoriesAll-Over Print BandanaStandard905Included
83AccessoriesFace Mask25 Colours305NA
84AccessoriesNon-Zip Tote Bag10 x 12 In16512Included
85AccessoriesZipper Tote Bag10 x 12 In13012Included
86Accessories44 mm Badge44 mm2518Included
87Accessories58 mm Badge58 mm3018Included
88AccessoriesFramed Canvas8x8 In25012Included
89AccessoriesFramed Canvas8x12 In40012Included
90AccessoriesFramed Canvas16x20 In60012Included
91AccessoriesFramed Canvas20x30 In90012Included
92AccessoriesCircle Coaster3.5 In Dia5518Included
93AccessoriesSquare Coaster3.5x3.5 In5518Included
94AccessoriesKids Coffee Mug6 oz12512Included
95AccessoriesCoffee Mug - White11 oz White12512Included
96AccessoriesColour Coffee Mug11 oz 8 Colours15012Included
97AccessoriesCoffee Mug Full Black11 oz Full Black15012Included
98AccessoriesMagic Mug - Black, Red11 oz Black and Red20012Included
99AccessoriesSquare Mousepad9x7.5 In8018Included
100AccessoriesUnruled NotepadA512018Included
101AccessoriesRuled NotepadA512018Included
102AccessoriesA4 PosterA43012Included
103AccessoriesA3 PosterA34012Included
104AccessoriesA3 Framed PosterA330012Included
105AccessoriesA4 Frames PosterA420012Included
106Accessories8x8 In Framed Poster8x8 In20012Included
107Accessories12x12 In Framed Poster12x12 In35012Included
108AccessoriesSipper BottleWhite 750 ml25018Included
109AccessoriesGlass Phone CaseApple & Oneplus Models15018Included
110AccessoriesGaming Pad80x30 cm35018Included
111AccessoriesCircle Acrylic Coaster3.5 In Dia7018Included
112AccessoriesSquare Acrylic Coaster3.5x3.5 In7018Included
113AccessoriesSquare Fridge Magnet3.5x3.5 In7018Included
114AccessoriesAcrylic Poster A4A425018Included
115AccessoriesKeychain4x6.5 cm7518Included
116AccessoriesLuggage Tag2x3.5 In8518Included
117AccessoriesAll-Over Print Pillow Covers18x28In22012Included
118AccessoriesAll-Over Print Cushion Covers16x16In14012Included
119AccessoriesAll-Over Print Drawstring Bag12x17In16012Included
120Unisex ClothingAll-Over Print Unisex SweatshirtS to 5XL7005Included
121Kid's ClothingAll-Over Print Kid's Bomber Jacket5Y, 7Y, 9Y, 11Y, 13Y6505Included
122Women's ClothingAll-Over Print Women's Bomber JacketXS to 2XL6705Included
123AccessoriesAcrylic Poster 8x8 In8x8 In18018Included
124AccessoriesAcrylic Poster 12x12 In12x12 In22018Included
125AccessoriesAcrylic Poster 16x16 In16x16 In32018Included
126AccessoriesAll-Over Print Zipper Tote Bag15x15 In30012Included
127AccessoriesBlack Badge58 mm3018Included
128Men's ClothingT-Shirt StandardS to 2XL1305100
129Men's ClothingOversized T-Shirt StandardXS to 2XL1905100
130AccessoriesGreeting CardA53012Included
131AccessoriesPhoto PostcardsA63012Included
132AccessoriesTumbler Bottle20 Oz44018Included
133AccessoriesEnamel Mug11 Oz22012Included
134AccessoriesJigsaw Puzzle120 Piece10018Included
135AccessoriesTravel Coffee Mug12 Oz40018Included
136AccessoriesSipper Can300 ml38018Included
137AccessoriesCircle Mousepad8 Inch9018Included
141Accessories12x24 In Framed Poster12x24 In50012Included
142Accessories12x24 Poster12x24 In8012Included
143AccessoriesBaseball CapStandard25018Included
144Unisex ClothingAll Over Printed Unisex Bomber JacketXS to 5XL7155Included
145Unisex ClothingHeavyweight Oversized Hooded SweatshirtS to XL5905100
146Unisex ClothingHeavyweight Oversized Hooded SweatshirtXXL6105100
147Unisex ClothingHeavyweight Oversized Hooded Sweatshirt3XL6305100
148Unisex ClothingHeavyweight Oversized SweatshirtS to XL4605100
149Unisex ClothingHeavyweight Oversized SweatshirtXXL4805100
150Unisex ClothingHeavyweight Oversized Sweatshirt3XL5005100
151Unisex ClothingUnisex Fleece Heavyweight Zip HoodieS to XL6505100
152Unisex ClothingUnisex Fleece Heavyweight Zip HoodieXXL6805100
153Unisex ClothingUnisex Fleece Heavyweight Zip Hoodie3XL7005100
*Rs.100 is minimum printing price for color garment and Rs.50 is Minimum printing price for white garment.
Or Rs.1 per sq.inch for color garment and Re.0.5 per sq.inch for white whichever is higher is charged
Pocket Printing is charged at Rs.60
Printing ChargesPricing Rs.MinimumGST
DTG Printing: Color Garment
1 / Sq.inch1005%
DTG Printing: White Garment
0.5 / Sq.inch505%
DTF Printing0.75 / Sq.inch1005%
Vinyl Printing: Green Glow in Dark
2.5 / Sq.inch1005%
Vinyl Printing: White Color
1 / Sq.inch805%
Vinyl Printing: Black Color
1 / Sq.inch805%
Vinyl Printing: Silver Color
1 / Sq.inch805%
Vinyl Printing: Golden Color
1 / Sq.inch805%
Vinyl Printing: Rainbow Color
1 / Sq.inch805%
Vinyl Printing: Reflective Grey Color
1 / Sq.inch805%
Shipping ChargesPricing Rs.GST
Forward Ship - Air
50.85 / 500 gms
Forward Ship - Surface
42.37 / 500 gms
COD Charge42.37 / order18%
Return Ship Charge (RTO)
same as forward ship
Handling ChargesPricing Rs.GST
Re-Shipping20 / product18%
Plain T-Shirt20 / product18%
Screen Printed Product
20 / product18%
Custom Letter40 / order18%
Gift Wrap40 / product18%
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If you have GST, you can claim input tax credit from the 18% shipping cost GST along with product cost GST.