Payments and Order Fulfillment

Payments and Order Fulfillment

Once you have connected your store with our Dashboard and started receiving customer orders, here's how the payment and fulfillment works.

Prepaid Order Fulfillment

Step 1: Customer Pay To You 
In Prepaid orders, the customer makes a payment to you directly using your payment gateway setup on your online store. Once you receive the payment, you can place that order on Qikink's Dashboard. 

Step 2: You Pay to Qikink  
To place your order on Qikink Dashboard, you make a payment to Qikink to print and ship your order. The payment is deducted in the form of credits. Learn how to recharge your account with credits here

Rs. 1 is equal to 1 Credit
Credits are non-refundable and have no expiry. 
You need sufficient credits to place your orders 
All order placements and refunds are credited and debited in the form of credits

COD Order Fulfillment

If your customer has placed a Cash On Delivery (COD) order, you will receive the customer payment after the order is delivered. 

Let's quickly see how COD order fulfillment works. 
Step 1: You receive a COD order 
Step 2: You place the order on the Qikink Dashboard 
Step 3: You make a payment to Qikink for printing and shipping 
Step 4: Customer pay's the courier executive at the time of delivery 
Step 5: Courier company pays Qikink (Courier companies take up to 7 working days to pay Qikink)
Step 6: Qikink pays the COD order amount collected by your customer to you in the form of credits or bank transfer 

Learn about how Cash On Delivery - COD works here 

Example of order fulfillment

Let's say a t-shirt costs you Rs. 300 from Qikink and you sell the same for Rs. 599 to your customer. 
Rs. 300 is your fulfillment cost and Rs. 599 is your retail price

In the case of a prepaid order, the customer pays Rs. 599 directly to your bank account. Qikink will only deduct Rs. 300 for fulfilling your order. 
In case of a COD order, you pay to Qikink Rs. 300 for order fulfillment and you will receive the COD amount of Rs. 599 to your credits or bank account. 

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