How does Cash On Delivery work?

How does Cash On Delivery work?

In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about Cash On Delivery (COD) orders. 

How does COD work?

When you place a COD order on the dashboard, the order payment is collected from the customer at the time of delivery by the courier company. The amount is then transferred to Qikink's account

You can then choose how you would like to receive the COD amount from the options below : 

1. Add COD remittance to wallet
2. Add COD remittance to my bank account

Setting up the remittance mode

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard > Settings 
Step 2 : Select 'Order Related
Step 3 : Enable the preferred option from the list under COD Remittances 

You need to get your bank account verified by Qikink to receive the COD remittance.
Here's how you can do it - How to update my bank details?

Orders delivered on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday will be remitted on Thursday.
Orders delivered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be remitted on Monday.
If you don't receive the remittance amount within the cycle due to any reason, it will be remitted within a week of delivery.

You can checkout the COD payouts and remittance reports in the dashboard. Here's how to do.

Login to your Dashboard. Go to Accounts > Select COD Payouts or COD Remittance

COD orders can not be fulfilled by India post. Although, most of the pin-codes are serviceable by other carriers, but in case it is serviceable only by India post, then you will have to opt for online payment mode. 

Hope this was helpful. Happy Selling!

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