Image Optimization for Graphics to Enhance the Print Quality

Optimization on the quality and size of the print

The printing charges don't vary based on the quality of the design file, but the final output will be different when you use a low-resolution and a high-resolution file. 

Key Points

  1. The minimum resolution required for DTG print is 150DPI, although we recommend uploading the design in 300DPI for better output. Our dashboard also displays the print resolution while adding the design to the product.
The design resolution will drop when you increase the dimension of the print.
  1. You can upload the design in either RGB or CMYK format, but we prefer the CMYK format since it gives more accurate color matching. You can also check out our Color matching disclaimer to know more.
  2. Make sure to trim the design file before uploading it on the dashboard. If the file was not trimmed, there will be a difference between the print output and the mockup. 

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