How to Edit or Cancel an Order?

How to Edit or Cancel an Order?

 In this article, we will learn how you can edit products, customer details and cancel an order.

Edit Products - Add/Remove Product after Placing the Order 

Once the order has been placed, you cannot make any changes to your order. 

Edit Customer Details

You can change/update customer details like address, contact number, shipping carrier, COD amount of any order from the Dashboard directly. However, these changes can be made only until the order status is Printed. Once the order is moved to Dispatch Ready, you cannot edit any details. 

Here's how to Edit an Order Details 
Login to your Dashboard
Go to Orders> All Orders
Click on the Pencil button against the order that you wish to edit

You can then edit the customer details like name, address, contact number, email ID and shipping mode.
Click Submit utton to save the changes. 

Cancel an Order 

If the order status is Live, you can simple cancel the order by clicking on the 'X' button against your order in your Dashboard > All Orders 
You can calcel the out of stock orders from the Dahboard following the same procedure. 

Once you cancel the order and the amount deducted against the order will be auto-refunded back to your credits immediately. 

You cannot cancel an order after the order status is moved to TO BE PRINTED. We can only cancel the shipping of the order by adding the order to returns after it is printed and you can re-ship the order later. Read about Re-shipping an order here
However, we cannot take any action on the order after the order status is updated to Manifested. In such case, please ask your customer to reject the order on delivery. 

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