DTF Printing - The Complete Guide and Tips for Online Sellers

DTF Printing - Getting Started

What is DTF printing?

DTF printing is a fresh and innovative method in the print-on-demand industry. DTF stands for Direct To Film, which means that your design is printed on a film and then transferred to a t-shirt, regardless of the fabric's color, using white as base ink.

Does DTF print last long?

The durability of DTF printing depends on various factors such as the quality of ink/film used, washing/drying methods, and how well the garment is cared for. Since we are using high-quality printing materials for all products, both DTF and DTG prints can last for a long time if they are treated carefully with no doubts.

Does it have white under the base layer?

Our DTF printers are capable of printing all the CMYK colors, including a white under the base. The quality of the prints is similar to DTG printers, and the printing has a similar look and feel. Unlike sticker printing, the final DTF prints become a part of the fabric.

What is the pricing of DTF?

Direct-To-Film (DTF) is the most effective method to print larger format designs compared to Direct-To-Garment (DTG). We are using high-quality inks and films in the market to provide you with the best pricing,

It costs Rs. 0.75 per square inch
The minimum cost for DTF printing is Rs.100
The pocket printing cost is Rs.50

The maximum printable area differs for each product. Before creating products, check out the maximum printable area for DTF printing.

What kind of products DTF can print on?

DTF printing offers a versatile printing option for various types of products, including clothing, bags, hats, and accessories. One main advantage of DTF printing is its ability to print on different surfaces and fabrics, such as polyester, cotton, and blends, making it a suitable option for a wide range of materials.

This method makes it simple to print on curved surfaces such as hats. Additionally, DTF-printed Polo T-Shirts result in a distinctive textured finish due to their unique fabric style.
Left Pocket & Back printing is available on Polo T-Shirts in DTF printing.

Advantages of DTF

  1. Best for larger print sizes
  2. Quick processing time
  3. Easily print on cotton, polyester, and its blends
  4. Bonded with fabric & gives good print finish
  5. Work on both white and dark garments
  6. Provides soft, washable, and durable print

Who can opt for DTF printing?

DTF printing is an efficient way for print-on-demand sellers to create unique designs with vibrant colors and intricate details, giving their products a professional and polished look. It can help sellers stand out from competitors and attract more customers to their online store.

Those who use larger eye-catching designs of crisp and vibrant colors on T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Oversized T-Shirts can use this method.

Since this method does not require pre-treatment of the fabric or extensive setup, it can produce high-quality prints more quickly and cost-effectively than other printing methods.

Not only does DTF printing offer stunning colors and the ability to print large format designs, but it's also fast and cost-effective. You can produce more products in less time, reduce production costs, and increase your profit margins without sacrificing print quality.
Learn more in-depth details about DTF printing from our blog.

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