Know the Maximum Print Area in DTF Printing Method at Qikink

DTF Printing - Maximum Printing Area for Apparels

Direct-To-Film or DTF Printing is a relatively new printing method that has gained popularity in the textile printing industry. When printing t-shirts using DTF, it is essential to consider the maximum printable area. 

Why maximum printing area is important?

If you want a large design to be printed across the entire front of the shirt, the maximum printing area only allows for a smaller design. In that case, you may need to adjust the size or placement of it within the printing area. 

That's where the maximum printing area comes in handy. Check for the following products,

1. Unisex T-Shirts - Front & Back - 16*20 inches
2. Oversized T-Shirts - Front & Back - 16*20 inches
3. Polo T-Shirts - Back - 14*18 inches

*All measurements are in inches and width*height format respectively.

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