When can I find my GST invoices?

When can I download my GST invoices?

Invoices are generated at the end of every month
You can download your GST invoices for all your orders placed at Qikink from your Qikink Dashboard. 

Download GST Invoice 

Step 1 : Login to your Qikink dashboard
Step 2 : Go to Accounts > Invoice Reports
Step 3 : Select the Month and Year of invoice that you wish to download 
Step 4 : Click on Download to download the invoice. 

You can use the invoice report feature to view an invoice for a particular order. 

View Invoice Report

Step 1 : Login to your Qikink dashboard
Step 2 : Go to Accounts > Invoice Reports
Step 3 : Select the from and to date or enter the particular order number. 
Step 4 : Click on Submit to find the details below. 

Update your GSTIN

          Update your GST details in your merchant account under Profile section to claim GST.

Incase, your invoice number is missing in the invoice, raise a ticket to care@qikink.com within 3 working days of receiving your invoice. 

I hope this helps.