How to Place Bulk Screen Printing Orders for Fulfillment?

Use Bulk Screen Printing for Store fulfilment orders

Bulk Printing of T-Shirts and Hoodies using screen printing method is most cost effective option with improved quality.
Qikink is equipped with state of art screen printing setup with decade long experience.

Your screen printing bulk orders will be seamlessly stored and used for the regular orders similar to the return management.

Here's how you can place the order!

To print in bulk, store them and use for order fulfilment, you can place the order via dashboard from
Orders -> Create Screen Order
Select the Product and create the order as like in the screen below

1. Log in to your Merchant dashboard
2. Go to Orders > Create Screen Order
3. Select your order category and product
4. Enter the No.of units required in the respective size fileds
5. When you click the " i " icon, Plain product cost will be displayed.
6. Enter your design's no. of colors below. The total no. of colors should be present within
1 to 6.
7. You can modify the design size by entering the exact value in the fields.
7. Based on the above fields, we will show your product price in "Product
" tab.
8. Click Add to order. We will print and stock your orders with us.

screen print order tab from qikink dashboard while entering design color, dimension and sizes
After the order is created, Qikink prints in bulk and stores the order.
When you get the same order again, the system will automatically assign from Bulk T-Shirts than printing a new one for dispatch.
Once the stock is over, the orders will be fulfilled using Print on Demand. Also you will be notified via mail for re-ordering.

Screen Inventory:
You can check your screen printed inventory from the dashboard.
Go to Products > Screen Inventory

Design Guidelines:
Designs should not have gradience.
Photo prints cannot be printed using screen printing.
Different shades of same color are counted as different colors.
Source file of the design has to be available with you.
Maximum number of colours to be used in the design per side is 6.

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