Self-Shipping with Qikink

Self-Shipping with Qikink

Let's understand what is Self Shipping and how to use that 

What is self shipping?

Qikink offers you self shipping service where can use your own shipping carrier or tie up with a shipping company to get your orders shipped. So Qikink will print your order and shipping will be done through your shipping carrier. 

You cannot use self shipping for your store order. It can only be used for orders created manually from the Qikink dashboard. 

Self Shipping Pick-up Address

42A, Ambrose Nagar, Somanur Road,
Karumathampatti, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu - 641659.

Points to remember while using Self-Shipping
Here are a few things you need to know before you get started with self-shipping. 

1. Until you upload the shipping label, your order will not be shipped. Hence, you should upload the shipping label while you place the order or within 72 hours of order status being updated to 'To Be Printed', post which  the order will be automatically be moved to returns.

2. In case of pickup exception, pin-code not serviceable, you must upload a new shipping label within 3 working days.  On 4th day, the order will be added to your returns inventory.

3. All self shipping orders must have your address by default as return address. If the address is of Qikink's warehouse, we shall not be liable for any shipment loss. 

4. If the order is marked RTO or LOST, Qikink will not be held responsible. 

5. Orders that are manually returned to our warehouse will not be added  or hold track in our dashboard. Such loses will not be borne by Qikink. 

How Self-Shipping works? 

Step 1 : Login to your Qikink Dashboard
Step 2 : Go to orders > create orders 
Step 3 : Select the category and products
Step 4 : Select the shipping mode as Self Shipping and click on Save order

This is how it looks like after your place your order  : 

orders tab from qikink dashboard to upload self shipping label

Step 5 : Click on the ' +' icon under Actions
Step 6 : Upload your shipping label and select the courier company and courier mode. 
Step 7 : Click Save to confirm the shipping details. 

You can upload the shipping label only twice.

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