Printing charges

Printing Charges

Pricing Sq.InGST
DTG: Color Garment
₹0.75 / Sq.in5%
DTG: White Garment
₹0.5 / Sq.in5%
DTF₹0.75 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: Green Glow in Dark
₹2.5 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: White Color
₹1 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: Black Color
₹1 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: Silver Color
₹1 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: Golden Color
₹1 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: Rainbow Color
₹1 / Sq.in5%
Vinyl: Reflective Grey Color
₹1 / Sq.in5%

Printing Charges
MinimumWhite T-ShirtColor T-Shirt
Sq.InWhite T-ShirtColor T-Shirt
PocketWhite T-ShirtColor T-Shirt
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