New My products page of Qikink

My Products - New feautures


Qikink has introduced new features in My Products page and made some UI changes. This article explains about that.

Products Listing

In the My Products page, instead of viewing all the variants in a product, you can now see just one variant, which makes it easier to identify the products and reduces the page's loading time. To view all the variants of the product, simply click the "view variations" button in the action column. If your account is linked with WooCommerce or Shopify Store, click the "push to my store" button to view all the variants. 

Please note: If you are creating the same product with the same design two or more times, each time with a different color or size, it will be displayed as different products. For example, if you create a product using "Add Product" and the color is yellow for the design called "sample" for the first time, and for the second time, you create the same product with the same design but for a different color "Olive-green," then it will be created as two different products, even if they have the same design.

Push Status

Are you integrated with WooCommerce or Shopify store? Do you have many products to push and face difficulties in remembering which products have been pushed? Now, you can see the "pushed" badge next to your product name if it has been pushed. Click the "push to store" button to check whether all your variants have been "pushed."  

Please note: The "Pushed" badge will appear once the product is pushed. It is not synced with your Shopify or Woocommerce store. If you delete a product from your store, it will not be affected on the Qikink dashboard.

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