How to Hang a Poster Without Damaging the Wall Using Tapes

How to tape posters to a wall without damaging?

Hanging posters on a wall is a great way to add a personal and decorative touch to your living space. Here are some tips to keep in mind when hanging posters with tape:

How to use poster tape?

  1. Before applying any adhesive to your wall, clean the surface with a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth. 
  2. It provides a hold and prevents any damage to the wall.
  3. Use double-sided tape that won't leave a residue when you remove them.
  4. Stick the tape to the poster with the required length.
  5. Peel off the layer and stick the poster onto the wall.
Double-sided tape is a good option if you want to avoid visible tape lines on your poster.

Choose posters which are come with adhesive tape to decorate your walls. It will ease the process of hanging them on the wall on the go.

Qikink ships all the Rolled posters and Poster frames with tape stripes. Based on the poster size, stripe counts will differ. That will be as follows,

Rolled posters:

  1. A4 - 2 Stripes
  2. A3 - 2 Stripes
  3. 12x24 - 3 Stripes

Poster frames:

  1. A4 - 2 Tape Strips
  2. A3 - 2 Tape Strips
  3. 8x8 - 2 Tape Strips
  4. 12x12 - 3 Tape Strips
  5. 12x24 - 4 Tape Strips

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