GST Input Tax Credit & How to Claim ITC for Your Business

How to get GST Input Credits?

This applies to you if have GST registration.

Check the following post to learn more about GST in the business aspect. Our blog will tell you about the basic importance of GST in dropshipping model and how can we implement it effectively.

After getting GST, you need to file returns regularly and pay GST.
Get input GST from Qikink and only pay the difference amount.

To avail of GST credits, all you have to do is, 
Update your GST number on your dashboard settings page

Login to Dashboard -> Settings -> Business Details

Monthly Invoices will be sent to your registered email. After receiving it, Check whether your GST Number is updated in the invoice, if not contact immediately to update your GST number. You can claim input credit only when your GST number is mentioned in the invoice. If the GST number is not present in the invoice, you are requested to inform us within 3 working days of receiving the invoice.

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