How Do I Edit or Cancel My Order in Qikink Dashboard

How to edit or cancel an order?

 You can cancel an order until it is in "Live" status.

How to cancel an order?

Step 1: If you wish to cancel an order after you have placed it, go to Orders > All orders
Step 2: Select the order that you wish to cancel. 
Step 3: Click on the "X" icon under Actions.
Step 4: Click Confirm to cancel the order. 

cancelling option highlighted for the order in qikink dashboard

The total order value will be transferred to your wallet credits after you cancel the order. 

Edit an order after placing it 

You can edit the shipping details only until the order is Printed

Step 1: To edit existing order details, go to Orders > All orders
Step 2: Select the order in which the details need to be updated. 
Step 3: Click on the pencil icon under Actions.
Step 4: Make the changes you wish to make.
Step 5: Click Submit to confirm the changes. 

editing customer details by the pen icon in qikink dashboard

You can only change the customer information and shipping details. You will have to cancel and place the order again in case you wish to change the ordered products. 

How to add multiple products in a single order?

You can add more products to a single order. Here is how,

1. Log into Dashboard > Create Order 
2. Choose the Product Category and the product to add design and chose the placement
3. After clicking "Add to Order" the product will be added to the order

The screen will look like the below one, 
adding multiple products in single order in qikink dashboard

4. Again, choose the product category and product to add a new product with a new design.

5. Clicking on "Add to Order" will add the new product with a new design to the order

Likewise, you can add any number of products to the same order.
After the products are added, you can fill the order details section with a unique order number and select shipping.

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