How to add products to My products?

How to add products to My products?

When you add products to your My Products, you can directly enter the Product SKU while placing an order and it will load the details automatically. You do not have to select the category, and product and place the design individually.  Creating manual orders becomes easy with my products. 

Steps to Add Products individually

Step 1: Log in to your Qikink Merchant Dashboard
Step 2: Go to Products > Add Products

Step 3: Select the Category and Product from the dropdown
Step 4: Select the Print Type 
Step 5: For apparel, you can select multiple colors and sizes to create products for one design. 
Step 6: Add a design to the product from the Design Library
Step 7: Click on Save Product

To sync orders from your Shopify or WooCommerce store, you need to map the products which are present in your store with products in the My Products Library. This is important because when the orders are pulled from your store, Qikink fetches the SKUs and maps them to the saved product on the Qikink My Product Library. 

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