Reverse Pickups - Guide on How To Process Your Returns Quickly

How reverse pickup works?

In this article, we are going to see how can we arrange a reverse pickup for order and how it will be added to the returns inventory.

  1. Go to All Orders > Find your order.
  2. Select the Create Reverse icon to book the shipment.

  1. It will be changed to "RTO initiated" after you click the create reverse button.
  2. Once the shipment is picked up from your customer, it will be returned to us.
  3. You can track your return shipment in the dashboard by clicking Track Reverse.

  1. When we received the order, it will undergo a QC check.
  2. If it passes the QC check, we will add it to the returns. If it failed, we will not add it.
The processing time for reverse shipment is 2-3 weeks. It includes the shipment picked-up time to add it to the returns. The reverse shipping amount is charged as same as forward shipping amount for the order. You must have enough balance to initiate this process.

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