Stock Sync: Inventory Auto-Update Feature in Shopify Store

How does Stock Sync work with the Shopify store?

The "Stock Sync" Option is now available only for Shopify users. We will be launching it for WooCommerce users soon.

What is Stock Sync?

The Stock Sync option is now live with Shopify-integrated users. If your push product from us goes out of stock in Qikink, The same will be updated in your storefront. So, your customers can't order that. This will reduce the problems associated with low stock and gives you real-time inventory management.

How to enable it?

Refer to the following steps to enable this
  1. Log in to your Merchant Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Updates tab
  3. Check the "Sync Inventory" as shown in the image.


updates tab from qikink dashboard to click the sync inventory option with Shopify store

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