Dropshipping on Amazon and Flipkart with Qikink

How can I do Dropshipping with Flipkart and Amazon?

Dropshipping on Amazon is possible while Flipkart doesn't allow many features as Amazon. 


Unlike self-ship orders, Sellers can sign up for the FBA program. Here we will see how FBA works and how can you profit from FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).
  1. Sign up as a seller on Amazon.
  2. Choose a niche and select a product based on it.
  3. Let's say you chose "T-Shirt" as a product. (Printed t-shirts will work best)
  4. Place 20 T-Shirts orders and get them delivered to you
  5. Make a Proper listing for those t-shirts on Amazon for FBA.
  6. Once you submit your FBA request, Amazon will come and get products from you.
  7. It will be stored in one of Amazon's fulfillment centers.
  8. Once it is stored, your listings will be active. When you receive an order, Amazon will pick and ship it to your customers.
  9. All you have to do is track all the details and create Ad campaigns for products.
  10. You will be charged for shipping and storing items.


You can use the same Amazon FBA method in the Flipkart Fulfilment Centre also.
Before doing Dropshipping with Amazon and Flipkart, you should understand the required process of how it works and other related details. 

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