embroidery digitization fee for designs

Embroidery Design File's Digitization


Digitization is the process of converting your design file to a supportable format for the embroidery machine. Every design needs to be digitized for embroidery. Once a design is digitized, it can be used for your future orders.

Digitization Fee details:
  1. Rs.350 plus 18% GST is the fee for digitizing a single design.
  2. Once it's digitized, you can start placing orders for those designs with simple steps.
  3. If you want to edit a design that is already digitized, you need to pay an adjustment fee.
  4. Once you submitted a design file, it takes 2 days to digitize the file.
  5. You can check the digitized files in a separate tab in your merchant dashboard.
  6. Since digitization differs for every machine, already digitized files from outside will not be accepted. 

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