Custom Branding Services - Inside Neck Labels

Custom Branding Services - Inside Neck Labels

A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships, that taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product over another 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Seth Godin
The best way to visually express your brand identity is with brand labels. It is what convinces the consumer that your product is the one they want. It is a great benefit to your brand because they help you stand out from the crowd and make your product easily identifiable.

Let's see in detail about the neck labels

Design Guidelines 

Max. Print Size: 3 x 3 Inch
MOQ: 1000 Labels
MOQ Price: Rs.2500 + 18% GST
Design File: Place the design in black and white colour in one pdf file.

Neck labels are printed on the inside material, on the neck. 
They are screen printed and stored for your brand
They are printed in solid black and white in colours. 
The neck labels are heat pressed on your garments.

Dark coloured garments will have white neck labels. Eg : Black, Navy Blue, Olive Green etc will have white color neck labels 

Light coloured garments will have black neck labels. Eg : White, Yellow, Sky Blue etc will have black neck labels

How it works?

Once you place the order for the branding services, we print and store your brand labels with us and use them on your products. 
After the branding material is printed, they will be pushed to live.

 Since the brand labels are printed only for you, we do not refund once the order is placed. 

neck label printing area highlighted in the black tshirt

Steps to opt for custom branding service 

Step 1 : Login to your Qikink Dashboard
Step 2 : Go to Orders > Accessories order 
Step 3 : Select the service from the accessories menu 
Step 4: Upload the design file 
Step 5 : Add a remark, if any 

The payment gets deducted automatically from your wallet/ credits. 

Step 6 : Click on Place order to confirm. 

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NOTE: All custom branding materials have a shelf life of 3 months. If it is not used even once in that period, you need to get them back within that 3 months or else they will be discarded and no refunds will be given.

Make every purchase count. 

Good luck!

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