Disclaimer About Using Unregistered Designs

Processing Copyrighted Designs

Qikink prints custom designs uploaded by clients.

Qikink is a printing partner for companies with various merchandise licenses. So as a fair practice, we do not print copyrighted designs without licenses or reseller permissions from authorised agencies.

If you place a copyrighted design without permission for using the same, Qikink has the right to cancel the order and does not offer refund.

To enable the process to be simpler, on identifying such a design, we will inform the client to either cancel the order or change the design or provide proof of permission to use the design. It will be sent via sms and email. If we do not get a satisfactory answer in 2 working days, we will cancel the order and add it in non-claimable product. .
Qikink suggests you to check the design for any copyright issues before uploading to avoid any delays in processing.
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