Can I change the order I placed?

Can I change the order I placed?

Once the order is pushed to printing from your side, it is instantly sent to the manufacturing division. At this stage, you are no longer able to cancel or change the order. However, if you really want to make changes to your order, please contact our customer support and seek their assistance. If your order is not yet processed, you can change/cancel it as informed by our support representative.

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       The courier partner cannot be changed for an order after it is live.  However, if the order is not taken for printed, you can cancel and place the order again.  We process orders based on First - In, First - Out. So when you cancel your order and ...
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      Shipping is confirmed by the courier company as per the zip code/ pin-code entered while placing the order. Hence, it is possible for an order to be shipped from our facility with an incorrect address.  If the order is shipped from our facility, we ...
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      Order Reference Number is the unique number identifier that you generate when you place an order.  If your store is connected to Woo-commerce or Shopify, the Order Reference Number is generated automatically when an order is placed on the website. 
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      Orders are taken for processing in the first-in first-out method.  All DTG, Sublimation and accessories processing time is 2-3 working days and shipping would take another 3-4 working days. So the average fulfilment time is 5-7 working days.  All AOP ...